Business skills migration

for business persons and investors

The Business Innovation and Investment Visa are available to high net worth clients who want to conduct business and investment activity in the host country. .

The Business category is designed to attract business people to settle and establish new businesses or acquire ownership or part ownership of existing businesses and to take an active role in the business in the host country. The Government has made temporary residence much more accessible for such people so that they may visit the country to investigate Business Opportunities for themselves.


There are several benefits to this visa:

It provides clients with a pathway to permanent residency through the Business Innovation and Investment visa; Applicants can travel in and out of the country any number of times whilst the visa is valid; and Applicants can have their family accompany them (family members will usually have access to work and study rights). Entrepreneurs and business owners/managers seeking residence under the Business Skills program should note that genuine financial documents will be needed, and the application would require substantial supporting evidence of your business background, and plans for the host country. Our visa eligibility report assists your decision-making by clarifying your prospects. Many business entry clients have benefited also from our market advice, which is available on a consultancy basis. During your Migration consult, we will discuss visa categories available and select the most suitable option for you and the business.

Our Migration Consultant will:

  • arrange essential State Government sponsorship or nomination to validate and expedite your application
  • help to collect and collate all supporting documents including health and character information
  • liaise with your accountants and financial advisors
  • ensure your application is completed and lodged according to host country professional and immigration standards
  • liaise with the Immigration and all other relevant Government agencies on your behalf

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