Thinking of migrating?

We are an established migration agency composed of professionals that assist individuals, professionals and corporates in attaining a visa to any part of the world. We provide a comprehensive and seamless service for all migration matters and we speak your language.

One Stop Immigration and Visa Service

There are several Immigration and Visa options for potential migrants. Our site contains extensive information on immigration and all relevant topics regard virtually any aspect of Education, business, employment, and much more. There are two programs designed to help people wanting to move overseas permanently.

One is the migration program which is made up of:

a skill migration stream, which has a number of categories for people who have particular occupation skills, outstanding talents or business skills; a family migration stream, where people can be sponsored by a relative who is a citizen or permanent resident; a Special eligibility migrants.

The other is the Humanitarian Program

The second program is the separate humanitarian program which is designed for refugees and others in special humanitarian need. A major component of the humanitarian program is the offshore resettlement Program, which assists people in humanitarian need overseas for whom resettlement in another country is the only option. The onshore protection component is for those people already in the country who arrived on temporary visas or in an unauthorised manner, and who claim’s protection. Where & how to start?

Professional guide

When it comes to visas and migration, the process and outcomes can be very daunting for a lot of people. You need a team you can trust to give you unbiased, correct advice. Applying for a visa to study or live anywhere can be a confusing and complicated process with the ever-changing rules and documentation requirements. At GT Western, we’ve got years of experience in handling every type and class of visa. While our counsellors can guide you on general visa documents if you are managing your own application, you have the support of our in-house migration agents if you need help with your visa application process.

  • Our team of Migration agents can help with every type of visa including student visas, partner visas and skilled independent visas
  • We speak different languages across our offices, so you can talk with us in a language you’re comfortable with (so nothing is ‘lost in translation’)
  • We’re committed to providing you with ethical counselling and comprehensive support you can trust

Step 1

We learn about your situation

Tell us about your education, skills, and goals in our consultation, and we’ll ask some questions to establish your best chance of eligibility. Migration can be based on your health, skills, age, financial resources, English language ability, and family and business contacts in-country.

Step 2

Begin the application process

Once we’ve worked out which visa applies for your situation, we’ll go through the entire application process with you from start to finish. We’ll carefully check your application before submitting it and follow up with the authorities to ensure it’s still moving forward.

Step 3

Strengthen your case

Border protection laws change all the time and also vary depending on your nationality. So, we’ll use our extensive experience to do our best to guide you in staying you’re well positioned for Visa compliance.

Everyone’s case is different

This is why it’s important to choose a Migration agent with the right experience to know what you need to do. Our team thoroughly understands the latest visa and migration laws and processes and manages hundreds of visa cases every year with exceptionally high success rate of visa grants. So no matter your background or position, we’ll work with you for the highest chance of success.

We’ll handle everything for you

Your course selection and visa application are important, but it’s also vital that you take care of the other things, like health cover, insurance, any English language requirements and financial aid. We can help with all of this and more (including an application for Permanent Residency if that is the path you choose). We’ll cover everything in your initial consultation.

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