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You and family members who apply for a visa with you might need to have health examinations to prove you meet the health requirement. You might need to have more health examinations if you come from a country where there are public health concerns such as polio or Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). Whether you need them, and what examinations you need, depends on:

  • the visa you are applying for
  • how long you plan to stay in the destination country
  • what you plan to do in the country
  • the country you apply from
  • any special circumstances that might apply to you
  • whether you have any significant medical conditions

You had health examinations in the last 12 months

You might not need to have all the health examinations again if you had any in the last 12 months. Your referral letter will tell you what examinations you need to take.

When to have health examinations

Depending on the visa you apply for, it might be best to wait until after you apply for a visa to have your health examinations.

Arrange your health examinations

We may ask you to have health examinations. If we do, we will give you:

  • a list of the examinations you must have
  • an identifier or ID, you must be examined by one of the Department’s approved panel physicians or clinics.
  • A panel physician is a doctor or radiologist appointed by the department to do health examinations at an approved clinic.

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